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I had the weirdest thing happen today. I took a 1 hour nap during my work break and eventually realized I was dreaming and that it was a lucid dream. I read something on my computer to double check to see if the words looked normal or weird like they’re supposed to in dreams.

Then I woke up.

Sounds like sleep paralysis a little. When I get sleep paralysis I have those false wakeups until an external noise nudges me into actually waking. Disrupted sleep schedules generally cause sleep paralysis. Are you getting enough of a full night’s rest?

I used to get sleep paralysis a lot as a kid. I’d always get the same creepy dream. I’d always be in bed, unable to move. The door to my room was open, and while it sounded like lots of people were moving around outside, there was no one there. Then, eventually the noises would stop, and it would feel like I was being watched.

Finally, my blanket would fly up into the air and I’d hear a horrifying, bloodcurdling scream that somehow didn’t make any noise (dream logic, don’t ask me). Then I’d wake up.

Needless to say, I didn’t like getting sleep paralysis. ;~;


The church, which is just steps from the Marienplatz where Munich’s rathaus glockenspiel plays, is famous for the lantern-dome tower created when the building was remodeled in Renaissance style during the 17th century. As you enter St. Peter’s church bear left, and a quarter of the way down the aisle you will find a glass coffin bearing the skeleton of Saint Munditia. Sewn into a transparent body stocking covered with gold and jewels, with glass eyes staring upwards, her remains have been here since their transfer from the Roman catacombs in 1675. She is believed to have been martyred in 310 AD, beheaded with a hatchet.

More bedazzlement awaits at Atlas Obscura

I’ve visited here before! I visited Munich and Berlin with guardianofscrewingup and themightyglamazon a couple years ago, and this was one of the cathedrals we checked out. A lot of these ancient German cathedrals are amazing, and these pictures don’t really do justice to the size of them. In the Berliner Dom, where my dad tells me my grandpa and grandma got married, the cathedral is so massive that it has probably a dozen side-chapels for private services (like my grandparent’s wedding), and there are even stone slabs in the floor marking where people have been buried underneath. Every time I visit my family over in Germany I love to visit these amazing, ancient places of history.


Man Sailor Scouts reporting for duty!

Petition to call them the Male-or Scouts.


3d printed armor for Barbie. The files are available for $1 on Kickstarter.




I normally wouldn’t post this on my art blog, but I am outraged. I had big hopes for NBC’s Constantine. Like make room on the drawing table because I need to draw 100 more trenchcoats hopes. Supernatural-themed shows, movies, and comics are my absolute passion. I am an [insert show of your choice] fan because I am a Hellblazer fan. 

But more than that, I am a queer fan. And John Constantine is a queer character. It’s one thing to grow up without seeing LGBTQIA characters in my favorite shows and movies, let alone see them represented with dignity and respect. But it’s quite another thing to find that a canonically queer character you love has been straightwashed, and that is what NBC is doing with Constantine.

There is no justification good enough for why this character can’t be bisexual. We need to tell NBC that we want John Constantine’s bisexuality to be recognized.

If you want to contact the show, you can reach their Twitter [@NBCConstantine​ ] or email them directly [and select Constantine under “Questions not found on FAQ page”].

NBC, please DO NOT take this queer character away from us.

Slightly OT for this blog but I’m, you know, a little bifurious. Bi erasure hits me personally.

If you are planning on boycotting, please send a message to them. Boycotting alone doesn’t help, they have to know why people are doing it and what they’re upset over.

Even if it doesn’t make them change what they’ve done with Constantine, it lets them know there’s a high demand for GLBT representation, so they may put out future programming with better representation.  

Earlier today I was reading an article which basically said “What’s it matter, it didn’t really come up often in the comics.” (I don’t read the comics so I don’t know if this is true or not)

If it doesn’t come up often, what’s it hurt to leave it in? Hell, you’d have a better opportunity for making Constantine a more visible source of representation with the move to TV, even if you just shine a little more light on the fact that he’s bi than the comics do. It’s asinine to remove something like that when there’s so little to begin with.





Imagine turning into your icon every full moon.

…I think I’m okay with this. 

It would mean not having to style that wig again.

Yes good. I would like to be an super heroic alien snake princess wearing a snazzy hat.

This is me every full moon then.

Reblog if you support transsexuals


My parents are convinced that everyone is against transgendered individuals and are therefore using that to justify their stopping me from going ahead with my hormone treatment. everyone that reblogs this will go in a book for my parents. Please Help!






"Men’s Rights" activist and self-proclaimed philosopher Stefan Molyneux pretends to be a woman posting a positive comment on his own video “debunking” Frozen but completely fails at account switching


Men do things like this a lot

That last article is particularly interesting because some of the specific proven examples of 4chan trolls impersonating radical feminists (the “End fathers day” and “white people can’t be raped” ones specifically) are things that friends of mine have wholeheartedly believed and pointed to as examples of “internet feminists” being crazy and useless.